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Monday, May 20, 2013

1965 Taipei Phone Book Section 2

Starting with an advertisement from a local company, we continue with the 1965 Taipei Phone Book.

Does anyone need an ice cream scoop?

This is a modern map of Taipei County as well as much of Taoyuan County which is home to the new TPE International Airport, also know as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

The airport we knew from our time in Taipei is now called Songshan Airport, located downtown.

Underlined just north of Taipei are the areas in this phone book. Shilin, Tianmu, Beitou and the general Yangmingshan area which will be covered. The Shantzehou housing area is located in the village which houses the Chinese Culture University.

Peitou is first suburb in the phone book for us. To take the 2 cent tour from Taipei to Beitou, click HERE. It has certainly had more than a face lift.

Included in the Peitou section of the phone book are more than a few phone numbers from Wellington Heights.

Our good friend, Kent Mathieu, who runs the Taipei Air Station blog, rediscovered Wellington Heights in 2011, and took some attractive pictures of the place in 2012. To connect with his posting, click HERE.

Original PowerPoint picture courtesy of LTC Scott Ellinger via Don Wiggins blog at USTDC,com

This 1969 declassified photo was examined thoroughly by LTC Ellinger. He circled not only the 4 sections of Shantzehou, but also Tien Mou housing and the Navy Hospital.

Since our blog covered the remaining 3 areas of this BOT (Bank Of Taiwan)  housing, just click on the indicated area. For Section H Housing, click HERE.

To view what remains of the Section C housing, click HERE.  Finally, we still have Section F Housing, much of which is vacant or demolished.

Check here to see it as well as plans for the future in the last map..

So far, we have come across 3 different ways to spell "Shantzehou." What was of interest on the previous page were the phone numbers for the bowling alley and movie theater in 1965. They have both been leveled, but many of us remember them well.

On the other (west) side of the road was the Grass Mountain Community Center and Teen Club.  The Teen Club address is listed as Triumph Avenue. To see how it appears today, click HERE.

Section E Housing was taken down and now houses a training facility for the Bank of Taiwan.

Tien Mou also has listed the phone numbers for its bowling alley, movie theater, swimming pool and recreation center.

Besides the usual street names and numbers, some folks lived in Happiness Village. Too cool!

This ends the pages devoted to Tien Mou. To me, my shrink wrapped attempt at displaying the pages of the phone book was lame, to be kind to myself.

REMEMBER: Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the sharper version of this phone book in 3 pdf sections in 3 separate e-mails.

Here's one last item shown on this page. Those of us who lived and worked on Grass Mountain often referred to it as Yangmingshan. That would include directions to cab drivers around midnight in Taipei.

This area shown above under "Yangmingshan" indicates that the many apartment buildings and private houses that we saw daily in 1968 had not yet been built in 1965. The area must have gotten very busy very quickly to house so many people who called Yangmingshan home.


  1. FYI. Taipei County is called New Taipei City now.

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  3. Thank you for your comments. I will check your site. John

  4. The Shantzehou housing area is located in the village which houses the Chinese Culture University. cell booster reviews

  5. Elizabeth...
    My wife and I lived in Yangmingshan which houses the Chinese Culture University. I invite you to check our posting on July 23, 2012. John

  6. Too cool. finally able to find the house we lived in on the map you posted. Google Earth of the present state of Tienmu makes it impossible to find it. It has changed so much since 1972, the year we left.

  7. Happy you could find the spot. John was pleased to find the map and great it answers some questions you had. Taiwan has given so many wonderful memories.